[Abstract] Video conference solution based on our C9 platform. All-in-one design, Camera + Video Conferencing System built-in-one device, simple to use. Support external microphone, small size, easy to install.



• 72.5° Wide-angle Lens
Use 72.5° wide-angle high quality lens, support 12x optical zoom.
• Standard protocols, fusion
Support the standard SIP, H.323tocol, compatible with the industry mainstream standard terminal and the network side device
• Low bandwidth, high-definition
Support for the latest HP coding standard H.264, about 50% less bandwidth requirements compare with prervious encode standard.
• High network adaptability and security
Support H.460 through firewall technology, solution and solve the safety of the public and private network connection. Support multiple encryption protocol, such as H.235, SRTP and AES-128 etc. omni-directional to protect the communication security.
• 1080P Full HD
Support 1080P Full HD video, except built-in HD camera, support another DVI-I (compatible with HDMI, VGA/YPbPr) interface for HD video input, 2 channel HDMI for output.
• Base on embedded DSP solution
Base on embedded DSP hardware solutions, high efficiency, low latency.
• Full open API
Full open API, support the development of third-party applications, easy to implement secondary development for customers.
• Bult-in HD MCU (optional)
Support build-in MCU, max to implement 1 + 3 end mode HD video conference, very appropriate to use video conference on the small and medium-sized enterprises, low-cost, simple maintenance and so on.
• Bult-in VPN
Support build-in VPN (Server / Client) , can implement private network without a private network.