Our service

We use M2300 recording and broadcasting platform serve our customers.

M2300 supports 4 seats and a VGA signal input, it is so simple to operate that one person can implement a live multi-camera recording.

M2300 is suitable for professional broadcast station which uses intelligent pickup technique and removed many audio control keys, making the user interface very simple, clear instructed and easier to operate.



Our services will mainly cover the following target customer groups.


E.g. Video conferences, intercultural communication, job training, tutorial, product exhibition, annul events, etc.


E.g. Online courses recording and broadcasting, p2p education, performance evaluation materials, etc.


E.g. Prayers, choirs singing, church gathering, etc.


Under 3 hour: €149/h (VAT not included)

After 3 hour: €124/h (VAT not included)

When under 1 hour, the service counts as 1 hour. When over 3 hours, the service counts every half hour as €62/30 mins