Service Provider

We provide professional video recording and broadcasting service.

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Solutions Provider

We serve different solutions for Video Conference, Interactive Classroom, Business and Home Matrix Project.

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Device Distributor

We also directly sale the devices we are using, which includes recording and broadcasting platforms. 1080P and 4K cameras.

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We are Moromui

MoroMui Oy was founded in Tampere Finland 2017. "Moro" is the unique Finnish greeting expression in Tampere region, while "Mui" is short for "Muisti", which means "memory" in Finnish. The name of our company, "Hello Memory", aims to concisely present the core service and the solution we provides, that is, to help people save and connect their precious memories in the form of videos. The amiable and culture-embracing name of our company expresses our deep fondness of Finland and Finnish culture, and enable our potential customers to recall easily. Our passion and devotion to serving Finland and Finnish people will be felt via our excellent services, solutions and products.